After a total reformation and various financial and personal issues, I’m proud to say that Lucy has returned in webcomic form! If you remember me from DrunkDuck or just discovered me, I say welcome! Prior to starting this site, I had a (very) short webcomic run on At the time, I wasn’t really happy with how it was going, so I decided to stop and take (a little too much) time to fix some things within the story and lore.

So stick around, because I plan on keeping this as continuious as possible and updating on Tuesday and Thursday every week!

Also, I have prepared a set of wallpapers, compatible with many different screen sizes and devices, for you to download below.

One more thing. I will leave posts to when the site is updated on my Tumblr, so feel free to follow that and join the DeviantART Group! why a deviantart group so soon? i like jumping the gun