Self-doubt is a thing that plagues many artists’ minds. While I think being skeptical of your own work or motives can be a sort of virtue, it’s never a good thing to doubt yourself, yet sometimes even I can’t help but fall victim to it. ┬áBut the past couple days have been a re-assuring to me, due to the support and kind words from you guys. So I wanna say thanks again.

So, my first story will be drawing to a close soon. While I personally have a few problems with what I’ve done, I think it serves as a good introduction to Lucy and her world. Wasn’t really Lucy’s life story here, but I think it was best to see her in action first before anything. The next story will touch a bit more on her history, though! Speaking of which, I want to note that the site will go on hiatus again while I work on the next story and actually have a buffer going this time. While I’m doing that, I hope to have some filler posted with a guest artist.


Anyhoo, this month’s wallpaper set comes from Eric Toner! Enjoy!

EDIT: I just want to make a quick note that if you want to give any critique or thoughts about the comic so far, feel free to email me.