Man, how long has it been? July?! Wow, sorry guys. I’ve been leaving you hanging for a while, it seems. I know how much you guys love seeing what stupid shit I have to say!

Anyhoo, Hog Hunt has been running along nice and smooth now, though that might soon change. I guess sometimes I forget to realize that Lucy is still in it’s early years, and as such, I’m not as fully efficient as I could be. Speaking of which, I want to mention that after Hog Hunt wraps, I will begin working on three black-and-white filler stories, which I’m dubbing the “Gaiden” series. They’ll concentrate on events that took place before Order of the Scale, and unveil some history on our growing cast. There shouldn’t be too big a pause between stories this time around, and while I’m doing these, I’ll also be working on the next big story. It’ll be a good one!