If I had low expectations for the turnout of the last contest, they were even lower this time around, but again, I’m pleasantly suprised.

Winner #1: Stinkiiraven


It’s not very often I get fanart of characters other than Lucy so this is a treat for me. It’s very cute and the colors are appealing to the eye.

Winner #2: Nondell


A nice piece of pixel art, the first I’ve ever gotten for the contest. Lucy looks so cute being so stubby here.

Winner #3: Dynamite Man.EXE


Definitely one of the cooler pieces of farnart I’ve recieved, Dynamite had the flash of inspiration to doll Lucy up lie a certain famous film character. Very cool. She should definitely have a claw like that someday.

Let’s hear it for our winners! Shipping prizes should occur in about a month, so be on the lookout for a message from me soon.