Continued from my original Tumblr post. Below is all of the tools I use to make comics.

Programs to use:

JUMP PAINT by Medibang

An art program specifically designed for making comics, endorsed by Weekly Shonen Jump. Exports to PSD format.

Paint Tool SAI

A popular art program with smoothing options for tablets. Exports to PSD format.

Clip Studio Paint

The most popular program for illustrators.

Adobe Photoshop

Does everything you would need it to.


This is a program made for writing screenplays, but it has an option for writing comic scripts too. It is very easy to learn and use, and can export to PDF format.


A 3D modelling program with a free version available. Typically meant for architectural work, but is very easy to use and can provide a valuable reference tool for art. Their 3D Warehouse features a wealth of different models of objects and buildings.

Fonts to Use for Comics

I personally use AnimeAce for my comic. If you don’t think any of these are for you, then you can make your own font based on your handwriting.

Get Your Comics Printed

Though Print Ninja has a lot more options, I prefer using Kablam because they let you choose the exact number of comics you want printed. It’s great for someone on a tight budget. Also, their page templates are a good backbone to base your comic pages on.

Sites to get familiar with:

The Webcomic List and Top Webcomics are webcomic listing sites, and a good way to get your comic seen. Top Webcomics has a ranking system based on user votes, so try and give an incentive for readers to vote in order to increase your rank.

Comic Rocket is a sort of front-end for webcomic sites. Lots of people use it to read and mark their progress, so don’t be surprised to see this pop up in your analytics.

Project Wonderful is an ad hosting site that a lot of webcomics use. It’s a good way to get your comic seen on other sites and will eventually start to pay for itself. Please note that the site requires at least 30 pages before it will allow you to post ads.

Places to have your comic hosted:

The Duck (Formerly Drunk Duck)

Tumblr, by using the Simple Webcomics Theme





If you want to host your comic yourself, Comicpress is a simple theme for WordPress you can use.


Hope these help!