In the rustic metropolis of Polokus lies one of the world’s oldest and most esteemed repositories of knowledge, the Grand Library.

Inside this library, a young Dino woman named Yoko sat nose-deep in an old tome cataloging the different varieties of flowers with pain-nullifying properties. It's been a long day for her, but she is taking all the time she can to explore these valuable resources. Having jotted down all the notes she needed, she stands to return the book.

Placing the book neatly back in its place, she is noticed by a passerby; a stout, young Goblin with furry arms and a tail with a tuft of hair at the end. He seems to have been in a hurry, sporting a shine to his green skin. He stops to take a glance at the young Dino, admiring the petite build and shapely legs through her tightly fitted cyan outfit. Wiping away the sweat, he approaches her.

“Well well, I didn’t expect to see such beautiful works of art amongst these dusty old books,” he says, leaning aside her. This cheesy line makes Yoko groan slightly.

“I’m sorry, but I’m very busy right now. If you’ll excuse me…” she says flatly, trying to stay polite.

“Why don’t you let me show you around the city? There are so many better things you can learn through experience than through simply reading.

“Sorry, but I doubt there’s anything you can teach me,” Yoko replies, this time with a bit of venom in her tone.

Just then, the Goblin sees something off the corner of his eye. He swiftly places a hand on her thigh and motions her towards him, giving her a slight twirl. It seems whatever he it was that he saw, he’s intent on staying hidden from.  

“Why so close minded? Let me show you something wonderful,” he says. His hand is dangerously close.

“BACK OFF!” barked Yoko, giving the grabby Goblin a hook to the jaw. The strength of her punch was strong enough to send him stumbling onto his backside.

“Wow!” he exclaimed as he rubbed his cheek, “that’s quite an arm! Done some training, have you?”

“That’s right, you best remember that!”

Suddenly, a gunshot! The Goblin darts to push Yoko away from the path of the bullets. He drags her by the hand behind a tall bookcase.

“What was that?! What have you involved me with?!” Yoko demanded.

“Just some bullies who believe I know more than I should,” said the Goblin.

“Are you some sort of thug? A criminal?”

“A criminal? I’m insulted! I am merely a man in search of rare items.”

“HE’S HERE!” shouted a man from behind them. Yoko grabs the stout Goblin by the back of his shirt and leaps from the edge of the balcony, swinging around, landing on the floor one story below.

“Wow! You’re amazing!” the Goblin swooned. The two dash their way towards the stairs, when another one of the thugs cuts them off. Yoko swipes at the hand which held the man’s pistol, and she quickly snatches it away from him. With the butt of his own gun, she whips him across the brow and sends him crashing to the floor.

Yoko charges down the many flights of stairs, the huffing Goblin just barely able to keep up. “How many of them are there?!” Yoko yells.

“There can’t be that many, I’m sure!” he said. Just then, they come to the end of the stairs, and waiting for them are six more men, all aiming for them with loaded pistols.

The human assailants were eerily similar looking and dressed sharp, garbed in solid black suits with charcoal pinstripe vests. Standing out among them is a hooded woman. Though her face is a bit obscured, she is somewhat older looking than the rest. 

“Nowhere left to run,” she said. The two put their arms up in surrender.

“Where is the parchment?” she demanded. 

The Goblin smirked and told them, “I gave it to the lady here,” pointing to Yoko. She gives him a mean glare, but says nothing.

One of the men lowers his weapons to pat Yoko down. His hand gets dangerously close. Yoko spins by the tip of her heel to deliver a sweeping tail whip to the thug’s gut, sending him crashing into another.

Before anyone could react, she bounces into a back flip and uses the momentum to land a kick right into another goon’s face, knocking him out cold. She dodges a shot from one, and kicks the gun away from him, and tosses it onto his throat. 

As he chokes and gasps for air, she slides through his legs, and greets his friend by leaping into an upward kick, sending him flying. 

Yoko is back on her feet, but she forgot about the Hooded Woman, who lets herself known by poking her back with a gun. “Enough!” she yells.

But it seems she is forgetful as well, as the back of her head is met by the butt of her partner’s gun. She falls over, passing out. “Got one!” boasted the Goblin.
With their attackers defeated, they dash for the exit, hastily hiding away in a nearby alley.

 After a few minutes of making themselves unseen, it seems that the heat is gone. “Now,” Yoko asks, “What did you take that was worth getting killed over?”
From his shirt pocket, he retrieves a torn piece of parchment. “This,” the Goblin explains, “lists the natural growing location of the one and only Tear of the Sun Goddess.”

“The Tears of the Sun Goddess?!" Yoko shouts.
The Goblin shushes her, “You don’t have to shout, but yes. THAT plant.”

“Ridiculous. That's just a myth,” Yoko says, dumbstruck.

“Well, surely there must be something to the myth, wouldn't you agree? Perhaps you’d like to find out with me? I could certainly use someone of your talents on this journey,” the Goblin says, extending his hand. “What do you say?”
Yoko weighs him up with a stare. Could she trust him? The notion of finding such a legendary plant was no doubt intriguing, but she had only met this frisky little Goblin, who seemed to be into some very shady business. Still, her curiosity is overwhelming. She lets out a sigh.

“...Very well," she says, meeting his hand with hers. "The name is Yoko Anya, and you are?”
The Goblin smiles and gives a bow, “Call me Wolfgang. Wolfgang Hartwin.”

"Now... We will need a proper map to find these coordinates. Obviously, we can't go back inside the Grand Library, but I happen to have exactly what we need at my home in Kolboldan City. Should be about seven hours by train."

Wolfgang jerks his head back to look behind him, startled by the sudden blare of a motor. He sees Yoko, seated on a shiny red motorcycle.

"No need for a train. Hop on," she says.

Wolfgang swoons once again, "Ohhh, I think I'm in love."