This year, we’re doing something different! In this contest, entries will follow the theme of…

“Out of the Darkness”

What is coming “out of the darkness?” Is it a person, or a thing? Or something even more sinister? And is it a literal darkness, or a metaphorical darkness? That is what you must decide!

The rules are that it must be a visual medium (like an illustration, a photo, or a sculpture), it must feature characters appearing in The Legend of Lucy, and it must be non-pornographic in nature. Everything else is entirely up to you.

But then what? When you post your artwork, whether on an art site, Twitter, or Tumblr, alert me to your post. I am @ssorobo on Tumblr, Twitter, and FurAffinity, and sso-robo on DeviantART. Or, if you use none of these, you can send it via email at

The deadline is May 31, 2020.

Judging and ultimately announcing the winning entry will occur after said date.

The winner will be contacted upon announcement.

This contest is not affiliated in any way with id Software or Zenimax Media, Inc.